Technology has made things much easier for everyone. Smartphones and the internet are some of the things which have helped changed people’s lives. These days, anyone can have access to whatever they want on the web. Although a large amount of individuals use the internet to shop, study, work and other things, there is another side. About one third or more of the world’s population uses the web to view pornography. There is so much adult material available that it’s hard for anyone not to find something they are into.

Overall, adult sites have numerous genres for people to choose from. They range from mature, lesbian, step mom, BBW (Big beautiful women), ebony, hentai and anime porn. These are just some the most popular out of dozens. And while most of them are not surprising, the last two are. Hentai porn are categories no one would expect to be so popular. At least not in the adult world where hot and sexy women having sex is the norm. However, the new generation of today appears to be crazy about both hentai and anime. The latter in particular has made it to the top of the ten most searched for categories.

But what exactly is the obsession so many have with anime porn? Why are anime porn videos and other material so popular and widely viewed by millions around the world? Experts and people all over have been trying to figure out how anime porn became so popular. The statistics show that young adults watch anime porn 144% more than their parents did in the past. Those are staggering numbers to think about.

The truth is no one expected that millennials would choose anime porn videos as the material used to help them masturbate. However, that is exactly what has been happening worldwide. Millions of young adults are watching erotic and sultry anime porn videos to turn them on. And to help them reach orgasm and ejaculation via masturbation. Some of the sex experts and psychologist trying to figure this out have come up with several reasons. One of them is that cartoons or anime porn have no limitations. It is as if anime pornography is the new innovative way to enjoy sex engagement in adult films.

One must remember that millennials live in a fantasy world most of the time. Or they dream and fantasize about things which are pretty far out there. Both hentai and anime porn fit perfectly in those scenarios. In many of the hardcore anime porn movies found, there are some crazy things that go on. You can have a beautiful girl suddenly growing a large penis. In other instances, there are hot and pretty women engaged in sex acts with creatures. Anime porn videos of girls having sex with aliens are extremely popular. The same for those which show people having sex with animals. These anthropomorphic animals have penises which are huge in size. They use their gigantic dicks to bang innocent and angelical faced girls.

In addition to these, one will also see anime pornography dealing with incest, rape and other taboo situations. The fact that anime porn can delve into whatever topic or scenario it wants, makes it that much more attractive to the viewer. At the same time, it also makes it very popular when it comes to amounts of shares, comments and views it gets. Experts believe that anime porn videos allow people to see scenarios they may only fantasize about. They can see sexual situations taking place that are too far-fetched or unrealistic to actually ever happen. For these individuals, regular porn may be too boring or unsatisfying. Most people today never expected to ever see popular cartoon characters of the past having sex with one another. Yet that is exactly what takes place in many of the anime porn videos found online today.

Disney characters for example, typically have beautiful girls. But in all of the actual Disney movies, one will never see any sexual oriented story lines. That’s because the movies are aimed at young kids and the entire family. The creators of hardcore anime porn though, have a totally different thing in mind. Wild and raunchy sex taking place between characters people grew up with, is the end result. The nostalgic element may play a big role as to why this new generation loves anime porn so much. Being able to see characters they grew up with engaged in sex is awesome for them. No one may really know exactly why anime porn is popular today. Still, most agree that imagination and fantasy play a huge role in people’s love for adult content. As long as anime porn can deliver on both, it will continue to be popular.

Disney characters for example

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